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Starbucks :3

I'm really adore food bloggers out there that always have a good and tempting food picture. Such as eatandtreats, ladyironchef, etc. They always go to nice places and order LOTS of food and reviewing them one by one. One of my dream job is actually becomes a food blogger. Imagine that you will be travel all around the world and try LOTS of foods there and WON'T PAY, BUT YOU WILL BE PAID. Wtf, what job that can be nicer than this.

I love writing. I love tempting and nice food picture. I love taking a good picture. But the problem is, I CAN'T TAKE A GOOD PICTURE OR I CAN'T ORGANIZE A PICTURE TO BE GOOD AND TEMPTING. I really need to take a lesson in that. Actually that's not the main reason, HAHA, I'm actually just poor :")

So, here, I will take a review on Starbucks' menu that I tried. I know maybe some of you already know and tried all inside the starbucks. But, here I will just share and tell you what is in my opinion on Starbucks' menu that I tried.

Starbucks Iced Coffee Jelly (right one)

Well, this is the first Starbucks drink that I tried. It is kinda bitter but you can feel the strength of the coffee itself. Well, because I don't really like bitter things,I don't like this one. Because it was my first time to Starbucks, I honestly don't know what to order at that time. So, I ordered what caught my attention at that time and pretended like a Starbucks addict that already went to Starbucks many times (which is really stupid lol wtf).

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Because I was regreting the Iced Coffee Jelly that I tried earlier, I was afraid to order another one again. In my head, it's just like "Starbucks is bad. Starbucks sucks. Starcbucks isn't nice at all". Lol. Then months later, I went to mall and I decided to try another drink. And I'm still stupid. I don't know what to order again. I jut order what catch on my attention. So, I ordered Caramel Macchiato bcause the name is so fancy. Lol. This drink a little bit bitter at first but when the coffee and the milk is well blended, it is sweet but not too sweet. It is good and has a strong taste of the coffee.

Starbucks Iced Cappucino

This drink is actually the same with the coffee that you usually drink. Maybe the taste of the coffee is better but sorry Starbucks, there is just nothing special in this drink. This drink is just a cappuccino taste like the usual coffee.

Starbucks Cotton Candy

Well yeah, this drink is a combination of raspberry syrup and milk. The taste is sweet and..that's it. It is just sweet. Actually the taste is a little bit same with Indonesian's dessert called "Es Kopyor". This is not bad actually, but it is just sweet and that's it. Nothing more special. At first I was expecting it will taste as soft as cotton candy just like the name. But, it's just sweet. But overall I can call this drink is good especially for the sweet lovers.

Iced Coffee Caramel

FINALLY MY FAVOURITE!! THIS IS MY MOST FAVOURITE DRINK EVER AT STARBUCKS. The texture is so sweet and so nice also so soft! The combination of the caramel and the coffee is just like heaven on earth!! I order this drink like million times because I just click and love this drink to the death. But maybe it is a little bit too sweet for those people who don't like sweet things. But for sweet lovers, THIS IS HEAVEN!!

Iced Signature Chocolate & Signature Chocolate (hot)

CHOCOLATE LOVERS, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. I JUST FOUND A HEAVEN FOR YOU HERE. Nothing much to say, this drink is beyooondd perfect!! For all of the 'real' chocolate lovers, they will die happily because of this. Why I called 'real' chocolate lovers because there are lots of people who like chocolate but don't like dark chocolate. How come you hate dark chocolate, hah?! Dark chocolate is the real taste of chocolate before they combine it with milk, caramel, nuts, or anything on it. This drink really has a rich texture of dark chocolate and just perfect! I love it so so muchhh.

By the way, just a little tip from me, for hot signature chocolate you better choose the original one, not the one with caramel or hazelnut. Because it will be a little bit too sweet if you add caramel into your hot chocolate.
For Iced one, the Iced Signature Chocolate is enough to be a heaven for you, but for me, it's better to add caramel! Choose the Iced Caramel Signature Chocolate and it will give you DOUBLE HEAVEN ON EARTH!!

Starbucks Cheesecake

Well, from the left is Iced Toffee Nut, Signature Chocolate, Iced Caramel Frappucino. The main focus this time is the tiny heaven in the middle. Yaass, the heavenly cheesecake! This cheesecake is so cheesy and soft and yummy! This is the best cheesecake i've ever had (well, beside of the cheesecake that I had from Dapur Cokelat). The textire is soft and chewy and it will melt on your mouth!!

Iced Toffee Nut Latte

Speaking of toffee nut, this drink only come out when the christmas time. This drink has a rich texture of a nut that blended with coffee. You can feel the nut in the coffee! This is my fourth best drink on starbucks. Sadly, it's just for christmas time!

Iced Green Tea Cream

Helloouuww another heaven! This is my third most favourite drink in Starbucks! The texture of the green tea and melt with the milk! This is just best and perfect! It has strong flavour of green tea which is popular from the KitKat Greentea (snacks from Japan) and strong sweet flavours!! One word, perfect.

White Chocolate Red Velvet Cake

From the left, iced signature chocolate, iced toffee nut latte, iced caramel frappucino. Cheesecake, white chocolate red velvet cake. I don't really like their red velvet actually, i think it has much layer that make it bad. I don't really get the sweet from the cake. But some people got it and they said that this is nice and the best red velvet they've ever had. Well, different people, different taste. Well, sorry, for me, I don't really like it. But the white chocolate topping is perfect! Lol :p

Strawberry Cheesecake Frappucino & Chocolate cheesecake

Hellow! This is consider as 'new' recipe from starbucks! I think it is already released on other countries for a really long time, but at Indonesia, it is just released! It is nice but actually because i don't really like strawberry, it tastes just plain for me. But for strawberry lovers, this is like 100% strawberry milk taste. The crunchy topping that will be melt and taste like cake flakes is so damn good!!

For the chocolate cheesecake, it is just like another heaven on earth! The cheesy taste of the cheesecake melt with the chocolateyy taste on chocolate is such a perfect combination!! But I like the original cheesecake better! But this is also beyond perfect! The texture is so chewy, soft and sweet! LOVE :")

Almond Croissant

The drink is Iced Caramel Ribbon Crunch. The taste is just same as the caramel frappucino, but this is sweeter and has a crunchy topping that lead us die to heaven! For dessert, I ordered Almond Croissant, Jesus, another heaven on earth!! The crunchy from the almond and in the inside is the sweet liquid (idk what is it probably melted sugar but not a caramel) and the chewy texture from the croissant itself.  It is just good!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

 Another Iced Caramel Frappucino (I told you I order it million times lol). Beside of it is the chocolate chip cookie! The price is just ok if we see the size of the cookie! But sadly, it's not as sweet as the usual chocolate chip cookie. But it is still good! It is crunchy and nice :)

English Breakfast Tea

Okay, I should know when I order it, it will taste just like another usual tea lol :p
But actually maybe it's kinda has richer flavour and texture of the tea. When you received it from the barista, it will be a plain tea, so you need to add the sugar as you pleasure. Well, even it is just like another tea, it is good!

Well, that's all I already tried! Well, there is another drink like Vanilla and the other drink that I forgot what the name is. But, that's it! I hope the information will help you to find the right drink (pstt because it's a little pricey) but I tell you that Starbucks is my most favourite cafe. Thankyou Starbucks for creating good and tasty drinks and desserts! I love you!

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