Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

Temporary Tatto

Hey hey heeyyy! After a long long week of works and school, i'm trying to be productive here! 

This time I will introduce the temporary tatto. Are you afraid of using tatto? Are you afraid that it will hurt you? Are you afraid being called as a bad girl/bad boy? Nah! Here, temporary tatto is a tatto that you can apply it by yourself, kinda look like a sticker and no pain at all! This tatto only last for 3 days or maybe a week. No more pain!~

Steps of using Temporary Tatto:

First, you gotta choose what tatto you want to apply to your hands!

After a little bit war in your heart, you decided your tatto! Then cut it as close as to the tatto itself! Yes, I know I'm really bad at cutting and really not artistic :')

Then, put it in your hand! Grab a really wet tissue/towel then pat it into back of your tatto! Pat and press it for 10-20 seconds. After that, try to pull the paper slowly, if there's nothing in it, put it back and add more water into your towel/tissue then press it. 

Pull it slowly then it's done! Taraaaaa~

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