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"DOMICILE" Kitchen&Lounge - SURABAYA

"DOMICILE" Kitchen&Lounge

After a really long time curious about this place, I finally went to this place. DOMICILE is actually a resto-cafe and very popular these days. 

Lots of people said that this place is actually the best lounge in Surabaya because not only the place is great but also their food are tasty.

So, yesterday, for celebrating my friend's birthday, we went there. Unfortunetly, we went here at night so the view is not that great for me. Their place's decoration is actually really classy because they put lots of gigantic window in everywhere.

Because of that, it makes a wonderful view at morning. But that doesn't mean that the view are bad at night. But, in the night, they didn't put much light for the room and that's why I don't really like going there at night.

Because it was a bit dark, I didn't take photos of their building. But, you can search it in google and you will find lots of pictures of DOMICILE.

So, let's get into the food!! ^oo^

For, the appetizer unfortunetly I didn't know the name of it because my friend order it by herself. 

The right side are oninon rings and the left side are like some kinda fish bites. They are salty and chewy. The taste are tasty for me and a good companion for the food or if you want a little bit snacking, this is definitely the answer :D

Black Ink Fettucine Seafood White Cream (80k)

This is the best seller of the restaurant at that time and lots of people are craving about it. The texture of the fettucine itself is so chewy and it combines perfectly with the toppings. If you happen to come here, you have to try this.

Sausages Aglio Olio (65k)

The sauce of Aglio Olio itself is actually minced or pressed garlic in olive oil, and chopped parsley or can also be added as a garnish, along with grated parmesan. So, the garlic is very strong and for this sausages aglio olio, it is a little bit spicy because of the pepper. This is also the best pasta in there in my opinion.

Tuna Aglio Olio (75k)

This is actually the same with Sausages Aglio Olio but in here, the pasta is not as spicy as the sausages one. Also, this is one of the most delicious pasta in there in my opinion.

Mushroom Risotto (+/- 90k)

I really forgot the price of the risotto but it is around 80-90k, The texture of the risotto itself is a little bit stiff but it blends well with the mushroom. I don't really like the risotto but some poeple said that this is also best of the menu. 

Cream Chicken and Mushroom Cheese Pizza (70k)

The texture of the pizza itself is very crunchy and the topping is so many. It is very crispy and cruchy on the crust but chewy on the inside. The pizza is very good!!

Greentea Shake (35k)

Vanilla Shake (35k)

Virgin Mojito (35k)

Mandarin Blues (35k)

Greentea Shake is actually really good for matcha lovers out there because the taste of the matcha is really strong and it blended with milk. So, for the sweet lovers, this is actually a good choice for you.

It is also the same with the Vanilla Shake. The milk flavour is really strong and this drink is really sweet. It is really perfect for the sweet lovers.

Unfortunetly, that day I was sick and I was unable to taste the virgin mojito and the mandarin blues. But I bet they taste great too!

So, enough with the food.. In here, there are so many great places to take a picture. The interior is really great and fancy. Before you go home, don't forget to take picture under the DOMICILE name near the restroom! :p

"DOMICILE" Kitchen&Lounge

Jalan Sumatera No. 35, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60281

(031) 5016900

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