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L'Oreal Hydrafresh Gel&Foam

Back with the new thing to discuss! Recently, I was trying a new product. In my old post, I said that a long time ago, my skin got super dry and I can't even wear powder because the powder will break down because of my dry skin.

So, I used Skinfood Lettuce&Cucumber Emulsion and it showed a good progress and heal my dry skin. I used it everyday after shower and it made my skin became really moist. Then, I was planning to purchase another one because mine was almost empty.

But when I went to purchase it, they did not have stock for the emulsion. They only have the cream and other emulsion. Also, to be honest, their price is really expensive :O
It is about IDR 400 or around 40$ only for 1 bottle of emulsion. Because of it is so expensive and what I'm searching for is out of stock, I tried to use another product.

My friend told me to use L'Oreal because she is also using it. So, I went to buy it and my friend told me that L'Oreal usually divide their products in two side which is a cream for day and cream for night. So, I was confused because there are too many cream and it will be super expensive too.

But when I went to there, I was confused to buy a cream for dry skin or oily skin, so I told her that actually I have oily skin type but everytime I took shower, my face will become stiff and dry. So, she told me to use their Hydrafresh Gel. It is for oily skin but it will also hydrate the skin so the skin will not get dry.

The good news is that for Hydrafresh, L'Oreal combine day and night into 1 product. So, I don't need to purchase cream for day and cream for night because this products can be used for day and for night. So, I purchased and tried it.

My first impression of the packaging is good. Because the packaging is made from glass and the color which is blue also looks really nice. 

This is what it looks like when you open it. It has lid and I like the packaging so far because it looks neat and clean.

Well yeah, I changed my mind after look what's inside. The packaging is bad in my opinion because it makes the gel becomes really messy. When I close the lid, the gel will spread out and make it sticky everywhere. So, I really do not like the packaging.

Sorry if the photo is a little bit blurry but this is the consistency of the gel. It is sticky but when you applied it into your face and spread it, it will make your skin becomes so smooth. Put the gel on your face and spread it gently then tap you face slowly. It will make your skin becomes really smooth and moist.

♥ This product claims:
• Micro Sponges: Absorbs excess sebum/oil and prevent perspiration & shine • 8X More concentrated in Zinc: Helps to regulate sebum production • Ocean Deep Water: Provide hydration and prevent water loss,4X More Hydration • ALL DAY HYDRATION: Reduces shine from oily to combination skin

• A light weight skin-cooling texture: Brings an instant ocean splash to your skin, locking in a reserve of hydration and freshness.

• Controls your skin temperature: To prevent perspiration and shine.

• Zinc and Micro Sponge technology: Regulates the sebum and inhibits excessive oil production to bring an immediate Mattifying action.

♥ To sum up, here's my review 
- It gives you matte finishing but hydrate your skin
- It heals my super dry skin
- It doesn't make your face oily at all. (Seriously, when I'm using this cream, I don't get oily at all)

- Bad packaging & not hygienic

So, because the gel is really good in my opinion, I also bought the creamy foam of this Hydrafresh also. MUAHAHAHA :D

This is the packaging of the creamy foam. I like the packaging and this time for real, the packaging looks so good :OO
With the matte look and blue color really suits it well! :DDD

This is the consistency of the foam. So, when you squeeze it out, the foam will be like a gel. You just need to squeeze it a bit and it can fit for your whole face :OO

The texture is just like the name. It is really creamy and sticky. But once you wash them away, your skin will be super moist and good! I use the creamy foam along with the gel and I don't have to worry again with my dry skin!

It is seriously make your skin becomes smooth and moist. Well, for my opinion, I do like this gel and also the foam.

Okay everyone this is all my review about this baamm cream and foam from L'Oreal. Hope it will help! Have a good day :)

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