Sabtu, 28 November 2015

Cheating - Forgive or Not?

Hellooo peeps!

I have a bunch of new makeup products that I want to share but I still have some problems with the pictures so I will update it later! But, soon!

So, I just want to do a random talk and topic or maybe an advice. Just to warn you peeps, this advice is my personal advice. Everything that happen in your life, everything that you do, everything that you decide, only you yourself that can do it! Don't let anyone or depend on anyone to lead your life. Life happily and be free!

So, the topic is about Cheating. Forgive or Not?

Some people are jerk sometimes or we can say that people or even us never ever feel enough on what we have in your life. That is how human being. I know some of you may think that this is my personal idea, or maybe not all people like that. I know. I feel proud and respect to the people who always feel enough of what they have in life. But for some other people, they cannot feel enough of what they have or maybe they feel enough but still there is still something missing, something that they want, or etc.

So, when your partner cheat on you - i know that you will feel so heartbroken, sad, angry, disappointed and any other worst feeling and even worse if you really trust and love them so much. Then what will happen? Some will break up with their partner or some will try to hold it - just because you love them too much.

But, let me tell you guys! Do not ever fall easily on their sweet mouths after they got caught cheating. Some of them will beg you to forgive them or worst - some of them will point out your mistakes and why they cheat - it's all because of you, they said.

I know it's hard to not forgive them especially when they cried in front of you or they beg you to stay or they say that they can't live without you and etc. But remember guys, they cheat. They do that. They cheat on you.

Okay, maybe some of you think that my advice is really stubborn and self-centered. Okay, let's take a look on their reason. When your partner cheat on you, even it is hard, ask them why they do that. Sort out their reason LOGICALLY.

Some of them will say, you never care of them. Ask yourself, do you really do that? Or some of them will say, you are annoying and they are tired of you - i know this one is harsh but no matter how mad you are, ask yourself - do you being jerk to them?

In the end, when you can think all of their reasons logically, you can go into a solution whether what they say is true or not. But based on experiences of people around me, once they cheat, they will always cheat.

There was one of my friend who got cheated 5 times and she still forgive him. But what he really thinks of it? He thinks that he is allowed to cheat. All he should do is just beg for forgiveness each time he get caught on cheating. Then what happened when the girl really break up with him? 2 days later - I saw him hugging with a girl on a motorcycle. Ironic, isn't it?

So, this is only what I think and my advice based on what I saw, what I heard, and what I think. I know guys, love is blind. Love is complicated. Love makes you weak. But keep using your logic guys, not all people deserve your love. I wish you a good luck in your life and keep doing what is good for you!

With love,

  See you in next post, cheers!

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