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Hello, everyone!

Today I'm going to do a little bit different activity. I want to share my short-story!~
So, this story was actually an exam for a subject in my college and I really fall in love with the story. 

This story is about a Pedophile, yes, you heard that right, about a Pedophile. He work as a driver in a family then he fall in love with the daughter in the family. They was not close at first but slowly they are getting closer to each other and it leads into unhealthy relationship.

This story is just for fun! Not that I support Pedophiles out there for doing whatever crime they are doing. I just make this to share with you what can makes a Pedophilia happens in the society although it is just one of the billions reasons that appears in the society.

So, please enjoy my story!


[Disclaimer: This story contains mature content, disturbing content.]

I walked into this big and beautiful house with the feeling of amazed. I did not come from a poor family, but this family surely makes lots of money. I was sitting on the big and black leather sofa when a man approached me.

            “Are you Andri?” he asked.
            “Yes, I am.” I stood up and shook his hand.
            “Well, I have heard a lot about you also because you are my friend’s nephew then I don’t need to ask much.” He smiled to me, “you can work start from today.”

I thanked him then he went upstairs. He said that his daughter will be ready in a minute and I should drive her to the school. I sat again on the sofa and waited for the girl. Then, I saw a girl walked down from upstairs. She was really beautiful. She has a long and black straight hair, her skin was as white as a snow, and her aura was spinning around the room. This is my first time get stunned looking at a child. She was really beautiful; like a piece of art.
            “Hello! Good morning. I’m Andri, your new driver.” I greeted her with a big smile but she does not smile back. She just kept walking to outside the door. My big smile was gone. Is she some kind of evil boss like in television? I did not think much about it then I followed the girl to the car.

            “Hello, who’s your name?” I broke up the silent. We were in the car and no one talked nor said anything. I felt uneasy and that is why I tried to talk with her but she seemed uninterested to talk. The car was silent and I am not interested to say anything anymore.
            “Helen.” She suddenly said that. I peeked at her through the mirror and she was looking at me. I smiled at her through the mirror.
            “Hello, Helen. I’m Andri.” I continued, “You can ask me anything or say wherever you want to go. I will drive you to the places you want.”  She did not say anything. We were in silent again until we reached the destination.

When I saw my bed in front of me, I immediately jumped to it. Today was really tiring… I was closing my eyes and resting my body when my phone rang.

            “Yo bro! Where are you?” someone shouted through the speaker.
            “Oh shit do you think I’m deaf? I’m home! Why?” I shouted back to the phone.
          “Maaaan! Don’t talk too loud! I’m in the café near your house. Come here bro, my blind date just left me alone. I might cry now.”
            “You deserve that. I’m not going. Tired.”
            “Aww bro my heart hurts… We have been friend for 30 years and you did this to me. You know this is more hurtful than left in the café alone with someone you just meet 30 minutes?” he said. I hang up and continued to rest but my phone kept ringing. I sighed.
            “Damn bro, alright!” I shouted to the phone
            “Hehehe. Love you, bro.”

When I walked inside the café, the smell of coffee hit my nose. I love that smell because it makes me feel relaxed. I looked around the café to search my friend. When I saw him, I walked closer to him.

            “Shit, Do! What do you want?” I tap his shoulder hard. He shocked and immediately wanted to hit me but he missed it.
            “Damn it! I thought a terrorist came to kill me.” He looked relieved and sat back to the sofa.
            “You are not that worthy, man.”
            “Ha. Forget about it. How’s your job?”
            “Well… It is okay actually besides the fact that the daughter is mute.”
            “Damn it, really? Poor girl… How old is she?”

          I poked his head. “Dummy. I’m not talking about real mute. But the daughter was really silent. It is really boring to be with her.”
            “Well, get close with her then so she won’t be quiet anymore.”
            “She is 12, Do! What should I do to get closer with a child?”
            “Well, it’s even easier! Just buy her candy, toys, or whatever.”
            “Edo. She is rich as fuck.”
            “Oh, damn. Well…”

I sighed and closed my eyes. I know this was just my first day and it was normal for her to act like that. But, no one in the family showing any kind gesture towards me. I really hate it.

            “Why don’t you try again?” Edo asked.
            “Try what?”
            “Try to do your business again. In business, a fail is really normal. The only thing we should do is to get up, and get up, and get up again.”
            “Do, it’s not as easy as you say. I don’t have any money! My parents already mad at me because I decided to follow my silly dream instead entering college.”
            “I know. I can give you money, bro! Borrow mine then you should start again. I don’t want to see you like this!”
            “Do, really, no. I don’t want your money or whatever it is. I am fucked up already. Let me live my life with these consequences myself.”
            “Andri, we have been friends since we were in the fucking diaper. I want to help you! You shouldn’t live your life like this!”
            “What is so wrong to become a driver? It’s ok. I will collect my money little by little. Also, I have no idea for my culinary business. I shall think about it first.”
            “Fine bro. But whenever you want help, you should tell me. Ok?” I smiled at him and we decided to go home together.

            “Good morning, Helen.” I gave her my biggest smile. She did not greet me back instead she walked straight to the car. I sighed and followed her to the car.
When we arrived, she came out from the car and left. I sighed. How long should I keep this job? Because I did not have anything to do, I waited Helen until the school finished. Then, when the school bell rang, I waited for her. I already waited her for 30 minutes but she has not come out yet. I waited for 15 minutes more then when there was still no sign of her, I went out from the car and went inside the school.

Where is she? I did not see any sign of her. I looked into her class but no one was there. The school was already quiet. I went back to the car and hoped that she was already there but there was still no sign of her. I walked around the school and saw an old warehouse that was pretty far from the school.

Ah, it’s impossible if she is there. I wanted to get back to the car but my heart told me to go there. I sighed and walked to there. I looked around there but nobody was around.

            “Helen?” I shouted. No one replied me. I kept walking around the warehouse and kept shouting. It was 4 in the afternoon already means that I have been looking for Helen for about 2 hours. I was already gave up and walked to the car when I heard a shouting. I walked to the sound and I heard someone smashing a door. I walked closer and I heard a shout inside the warehouse.

            “I’m here!” she kept smashing the door. I tried to open the door but it was locked.
            “Wait there, okay? I’m trying to open it.”

I looked around for something to break it up but nothing was there. I looked around to find someone to but no one was there too. Because I had no idea and already panicked, I smashed and kicked the door until it is opened. Then, there she is, sitting while holding her knee and looked scared. When she saw me, she ran to me and hugged me.

            “It’s okay… It’s okay.” I tried to comfort her. She kept sobbing and crying. Her body was trembling. She could not stop cry. She could not even walk. I hold her up to my arm and walked to the car while still trying to cheer her up.

After that day, we became closer to each other. She is finally opened up to me and we share stories, playing, and studying together. I could sense that she is such a wise girl in her age. I felt pity towards her because she was actually suffered because she had no friends. I asked her why she gets locked up in the warehouse the last time. She did not want to answer it at first but when I asked again she said that all her classmates hate her because of what happened in the past. She said that actually they were her best friend in the past but because one of the boys in their group likes her, one of the girls in the group got jealous because she likes the boy. Then, that girl tried to convince her friends and trapped her into problems that made all of her friends lost trust in her and left her alone including the boy. They started to hate her and always bullied her in school.

I could not say nor do anything for her. All I could do is waiting in front of her class even when the class was not over yet. She did not feel bad about it. She is really close to me now. We joke a lot and play a lot. I taught her several lessons that she did not understand and helped her homework. We were really close and we are best friend to each other.

            “Andri, where are you?” I heard someone calling me. I looked around and saw Helen was looking for me. I waved my hands and she ran to me happily.
            “Help me for this homework, please?” she gave me her sweetest smile. I smiled and pat her head. I told her to sit beside me but she did not want. Instead, she sat on my lap and smiled at me. I don’t know why but I felt uneasy with her in my lap. I tried to concentrate on her homework but I can’t. She told me about her day in school but I could not hear anything. She kept moving in my lap and could not sit still. She moved around her ass towards my most private thing. I could not think anymore. I could not hear every word she said. Andri, what the hell are you thinking?

            “Len, please don’t move around.”
           “Huh? Why?” she moved her head towards me and it made her body pressed mine too. I could not hold it anymore. I screamed a little and tried to hold it so that Helen would not know. After it’s done, I sighed and tried to control my breathing. I think I am going crazy. Real crazy.

I woke up when someone is knocking the door. I realized that I fall asleep in the car and Helen was outside the car and calling for me. I unlocked the door and she went inside. She wore such a beautiful white dress which suits with her fair skin. Her hair was black and straight long which looks like a goddess. I could not say anything. I went silent.

I want to kiss her. I want to touch her.
I want to kiss that sweet lip of hers. I want it. Right now.
I could not hold myself. I pulled her closer and kissed her. She was shocked but there was no refusal from her. I kissed her more and deeper. She seemed to enjoy it and it made me went crazier. I pulled her and put her in my lap. I kissed her more and more until we both could not breathe well.

            “Andri…” her voice went slower and slower. I could not think clearly anymore. It seemed like there was a demon inside me. It told me to do it with her. Right now. Here.

I lifted up her dress while still kissing her. I was not being myself. I was not Andri, a normal guy with a normal mind. I am a monster. I could not hold myself up. I did it with her and she screamed like crazy. She was hurt but I did not care. I could not care of anything right now. I could not feel that I went crazy and scary.

What the hell are you doing, Andri?

My mind kept telling me to stop but my brain was not working well. I could not tell myself to stop. I am a monster. I raped a 12 years-old girl.

I am a …

I am a pedophile.

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